Why doesn't my yarn look just like the picture?

All of our yarns are hand-painted in small batches. As you will see in the pictures where more than one skein is featured, no two are exactly alike even from the same dye lot. One dye lot to the next will also vary to some degree. Great care is taken to match the colors and patterns in each dye lot as closely as possible, but you can expect some variation just as there is variation between dye lots even in manufactured yarns.


Do you carry yarn other than wool?

At this time, I only have wool yarns. Our base is Extra Fine (19.5 micron) Merino Wool. The Fingering collection is blended with nylon.


Is your yarn machine washable?

Yarns marked Superwash are machine washable. These yarns should only be washed in cold water on the gentle cycle. Although they are machine washable, we recommend hand washing in cold water and laying the item flat to dry as doing so will extend the life of your item. Never wash wool items in hot water.


Can I have an order shipped to a different address?

Yes, we are happy to ship your yarn to a different address.  Please complete the correct shipping address information at checkout.  If your order is a gift and you do not want a receipt or packing slip added to the package, please send me an email at bashfularmadillofibers@gmail.com. You may also request that a note be added to the package to inform the receiver that the gift is from you.


Where is my yarn?

All shipments will come with a tracking number.  Once your order leaves us it is in the hands of the USPS.  They will update the tracking number during the journey to your home.  Please be patient with the process.  If for some reason your order does not arrive after a reasonable period of time, please contact me at bashfularmadillofibers@gmail.com and I will do my best to resolve the situation.


Do you take custom orders?

I am accepting custom orders. Custom orders may take as long as three weeks or more to complete depending upon the quantity of the order and materials on hand. All custom orders must be paid in full plus shipping cost when ordered. Untreated Merino is better suited for solid, semi-solid and blended colors. Yarns of exotic blends and more complicated colorways will be priced higher. A minimum of 3 skeins per colorway is required. I would be happy to discuss your options through email. Contact me at bashfularmadillofibers@gmail.com


Do you accept wholesale orders?

I accept wholesale orders within the United States. At this time we cannot accept international wholesale orders. All orders must be paid in full plus shipping costs at the time of the order.  Minimum order is $350. Yarns may be custom dyed or from our standard collections. I will give you a ship date at the time of your order/inquiry. Contact us at basfularmadillofibers@gmail.com for more detail.


Where else can I find Bashful Armadillo Fibers?

I am active on Instagram and Facebook and I do vend at fiber festivals around Texas (the schedule changes from year to year). Following me on social media and signing up for my newsletter will keep you informed as to where to find me as well as what shops are carrying my yarn. If you would like to see my yarn in your favorite LYS, please let the owner know that I sell wholesale.


How do I contact you?

The best way to contact me is by email at bashfularmadillofibers@gmail.com Messages can get missed through Instagram or direct message on Instagram.